Nora, the quintessential female character of breaking free – from the play A Doll’s House by the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen – is a favorite of mine! That character of a Victorian wife at the end of the 19th century, leaving her husband and three children as she slams the door at the very end of the play, got under my skin and has lived there ever since I read about her in my Ibsen class at Cal Berkeley.

Parallel to her I was married with three children, only I was older, 40-something to her 20-something. However, I, too, had broken free: gone back to school to help me figure out who I really was. This character of independence (against all odds) and of free spirit (as shown through her dance in the play) is forever fascinating. She lives a hero’s journey; however, we do not get to know her new normal after her trials, as the story ends with the slamming of the door and therefore stops at her forthcoming pursuit of a new Nora.

This is the character I want to write about: the new Nora. What does she do? Where does she live? How will she cope? When will her past catch up with her? I will start developing her by answering these questions and surely, a story will come of it.


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