I wrote today on my novel about a small town and its inhabitants. I have written chapters, trying to move forward in sequential order. Now, I’m writing vignettes on the different characters meeting and what happens when they meet. Of course, I know the background for their behavior and their actions and reactions, but I leave it to them somewhat to see what happens. I put them in situations and the characters take it from there.

So far, I like that idea.

I have bought the latest collection of stories by Deborah Eisenberg called Your Duck is my Duck and I read the title story today.

From what I wrote today to what I read today there was only a short distance.

We both write about artists and we both use puppetry and marionette dolls. The imagery of puppetry and marionette dolls work like magic. What you want to say you can say in visual form. I love it. What were the odds that she and I connected today through our imagery? I wonder… and then it happens.


  1. I went to a great conference recently and two speakers gave the advice to do exactly what you’re doing: know your characters and let them interact freely—see what comes of it!

    This sounds really compelling. I look forward to reading. . . .

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