It is Winter

Even in California it feels like winter. Heavy rains, blistering winds, surf advisory, and short days. I sleep more. I eat more. I stay inside.

My home is my hide out. It’s where I want to be. Hibernating. Meditating. Going inward. And I like it. It feels good. It’s where I go to re-boot, to re-charge, to re-invent.

My home is an extension of me. I surround myself with things that I like: inherited furniture, antiques like my grandmother’s grandfather clock, art work that I buy, artwork that I create, photographs of family, deceased as well as alive, things like pretty bowls, candlesticks (lots of them), figures, sculptures, and lamps casting a muted glow.

I relax being among my things. They speak to me. They tell stories and I listen. My home is alive. I feel the energy. My sanctuary. Not just a place to be in between work, travel, visits, or exploring. Without my home I would be half the person I am.

My home is my base. Without it I would be lost. I’ve had many, many homes and the longest I’ve been in one is six years and the shortest is six months. Every time, however, I make it my home. My spirit resides there. Inside the walls I become me. It is where I know who I am.

Then I go out into the world and bring my me as I relate to other people. I give and I receive energy from others and I go back home to re-boot. A never ending exchange of energy that I embrace in my home.

Create your home whether it’s a single room or a mansion. Let your energy flow into the space and become you.


  1. Good post. I just picked up a 19th Century book called The Genius of Solitude by a poet named Alger. He was more attached to the seasons, probably a reflection of his era, but you and Alger share similar outlooks . . . two centuries apart!

  2. I’m a consummate introvert, Elizabeth, and love the cozy warmth of home. It’s where I recharge. I love the way you describe the place that brings you back to yourself. And winter is the perfect time to do that. 🙂

  3. My first thought in winter is to stay inside and light candles too. I love to cocoon. But, when I force myself to go outside in the brisk air and wind, I always feel such exhilaration! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post!

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