Art & Love

I read the other day that Art and Love both are vehicles for transformation. And this is why I agree:

To create art is one thing but to show art is another.

When in your studio painting; by your piano composing; in front of your mirror rehearsing; by your computer writing; or in your room dancing you are creating what you feel and expressing it through your art.

To show your art is to put yourself out there; to be seen; to be heard; to be sensed; and to be shared. You become vulnerable. Vulnerability is hard. It is painful. You are dealing with the unknown.

To create love is to hold love in your heart. When in your home having tea; when in your car singing to music; when at work taking a breather; or when walking in the woods or by the sea you are creating the love you feel.

However, when showing your love to your friend, to your partner, to your child, to a family member, to a co-worker, or to a pet, you are vulnerable. You know what you are giving but you don’t know what you are getting.

Through this process of showing art and of showing love you are sure to grow. We grow by being vulnerable. And we are vulnerable because we share of ourselves.

So, here’s to sharing the LOVE.


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