Resolutions or Intentions

A new Year, 2020, good-looking at that. Wanting to start it off right! It’s time for resolutions, which never really work. I’m happy to tune into my to learn why.

The word resolution has a harsh ring to it. It tastes of strong will and determination; almost like I would be able to make something happen no matter what. Say, I want to lose weight or I want to drink less alcohol. By resolving to do that, it will happen?

My experience tells me no. I wish it could be that way; I wish I could fix myself exactly so. Here, the will wants to rule and leaves everything else behind. What about how I feel about this process? Because I always feel something different. My will wants me to listen, to adhere, to take orders. As if there is only one way to do things.

It is winter and I eat and drink according to my environment: it is cold and dark and therefore, I crave richer foods and that warm feeling from drinking an aged bourbon. I drink coffee and tea by the cup load. Over the holidays I ate more sweets than normal. This is okay. The holidays are over and I can set my intentions for a managed intake of the good stuff.

The word intention rings true. Really, I listen to my body and it tells me to slow down. This is winter. My intention is to eat when I’m hungry. My intention is to mix the colors of my food: red beets, greens, black beans, yellow lemons, blueberries, brown bread, beige muesli, white rice and occasionally: yellow cheese, brown liver paste, and mixed pasta dishes.

However, I crave dark brown chocolate and black licorice, too!

The thing is, having an intention is good enough.

Another intention for 2020 is to write a blog every other week. When I look at my stats from last year, I did exactly that except for April, August, and December. That’s okay – I was probably busy with something: in April I acted in a play, in August I visited family, and in December, well… it’s December!

I keep going, keep writing, keep painting – in short keep creating. And that’s what you do by intention: you keep building and sometimes, you start over.

I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year quoting the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard: Resist absentminded busyness

From his book Either/Or: A Fragment of Life he writes: Of all ridiculous things the most ridiculous seems to me, to be busy — to be a man who is brisk about his food and his work.

Look at Nature and slow down


  1. Good post! I spent the afternoon raking leaves. Everything is greening up and the weather was lovely today. Refreshing and calming after all the hoopla of the holidays. My 2020 intention is to enjoy more days like today.

  2. What a refreshing perspective, Elizabeth! Intentions work much better than resolutions: the latter implies force but the former implies partnering, and I’m all for that. And I love the Kierkegaard quote! Resisting absentminded busyness is an excellent intention for me!

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