Painting Again

My three grown children

Sometimes I need to paint to get out of my overthinking when writing. I always have images in mind, photos I have treasured and want to paint, and I know they will take life on the canvas.

I do paint my family members with pleasure. There is love in those paintings. This particular image is at the graduation from medical school, when our oldest son graduated in 2004 from University of Washington. Flanked by his sister and brother he walks proudly down the way.

They all three convey their personalities. The serious, idealistic older son. The middle child, our daughter, with an anthropology degree from UC Santa Cruz, growing into a compassionate teacher. The youngest and the loosest, however, ambitious and a super sales man.

I have not finished this painting. I laid the base and the composition. I like the grey tone background and the minimalistic sense of the image. I do want to add some color to pop the figures. I want to emphasize their path in life through movement and intention.

Here is the photograph:


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