Art is Important

Josephine 88

Here we are, facing the Unknown! 
If there ever was a time for feeling anxious, it is now.
We are being asked to cross our comfort zone, us, who are so lucky to live in the Western world with all its conveniences. I have felt more anxiety the last week than I have for a while. And never like this. I go on line constantly to get some answers. I seek the real answers. From trusted sources. But still, who really knows anything? 
My answer to this is to stay in my house much more than normal and here I work on my art projects! In fact, I’m glad I have time, peace and quiet to do so. For me, making art is calming the mind! I feel good, I feel accomplished, and I feel productive. I listen to my my imagination and make images and words happen.
I’m reaching out to you to do the same. And I recommend working with collage. Take hold of old magazines, old photographs, old picture books, and old CD covers. Make them into images of your mind. Put them together how you feel like it. Add words if you want. You’ll feel better. If you have children, even better. Involve them, they are natural creators. Making art makes you focus and at the same time, unleashes those endorphins, those natural pain killers! With art you confront your anxiety and you will be able to breathe deeply again.
Put on music.
Let the music stream through you.
Make art.
Dance if you must.
Love, Elizabeth

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