Timeless Living

Grandfather Clock that belonged to my grandparents


Right now I’m living according to my internal rhythm.

I have no deadlines, no job, no children at home, no parents to take care of, and no prospects. I’ve read somewhere that Time is made up by events. We live according to our doings, our goals, and our settings. Also, we live in relation to the people we know, whether at home, at work, or at leisure, and mostly, we live by the clock.

Thus, our normal daily life.

Being a writer and a painter, my normal daily life calls for setting up goals, creating own prospects. and meeting their deadlines. I have the desire and drive to push something through. I decide to write a blog every other week; I decide to finish paintings within the month; and I decide to work on my memoir or other writings.

Right now, I have more time as I do not go to work. I am in a situation where I can set up a goal like write four hours a day and paint four hours a day. But what I do is, either I work on writing, or I work on painting. When the weather is nice I’m outside painting. When it’s rainy or cold I’m inside writing.

I live by the rhythm of the elements.

If I start pounding myself in the head with critical voices – You have so much time, why don’t you get more done? It’s already mid-day and what have you done so far? You spend too much time on the news and social media! – I am worse off. I tell myself I’m privileged to live a life according to my natural rhythm, and I find I like it.

Right now, I have no stress in my life, no aches and pains from stress, and I welcome a world that has slowed down. To be honest, I was never good at living a hurried life, never driven by the big dollars, never wanting to make it to the top (whatever that is), but have always listened to my own rhythm.

I sincerely hope this lockdown, this isolation between us, is absorbed, digested, and eventually expressed into a four-day work week; into months of parental leave; into more shared jobs; into more time off; and into a shared vision of the Common Good.



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