Mindful about Place in Space

Mindful. Place. Space.

The group of palm trees – regal looking and providing a majestic backdrop – are occupying a place in space. Are they mindful about it? Unfortunately, we cannot ask them, only imagine that they are.

Set in a perfect place in Southern California and breathing in warm air from the surrounding space, they seem happy. They grow. They thrive. They provide beauty.

In that way they are mindful.

With our current stay-at-home requirements, we humans have been confronted with our immediate place in space. Unlike the palm trees we are still able to move around; however, not as far as normal. We are walking our neighborhoods, we are tending our garden, we are grocery shopping, and perhaps, we are driving some.

But unlike before, we are aware of our place in space. We are faced with new limitations. And we have become mindful – forced to mind. And we start asking: ‘Am I in the right place?’ ‘Do I occupy the space I need?’ ‘Am I happy here?’

As humans, are we able to stay put? To be happy about it? Our world is a globalized network of trade, travel, transit, and tourism. We are exchanging nature, culture, and temperament. Seems we have to. Blueberries from Chile, beer from Mexico, toys from China, shoes from Italy, visits to the seven wonders of the world, and every other corner of the planet.

Nature and culture to be had.

Have we gone too far?

Can we live like trees? In one place? Definitely not. We are born to move, to act, to do. But can we be more mindful? About the places we go and the spaces we occupy? Tread more lightly? Stay put when necessary? I like to think we can.

And this – a choice or a demand.


  1. Have we gone too far? In many avenues certainly. Overgrown bureaucracy is one. Hopefully that will change. Globalization? Many are trying to back off on that. Limit (or eliminate?) air travel. Both would be a huge mistake. I believe one of the main reasons for the world not sinking (yet) into WWIII is the exponential increase of exchange. In commerce (you don’t go to war with your clients of suppliers. Bad for business) and travel. Even if mass tourism has exceeded its limits recently no-one comes back unchanged for a trip abroad. Even the dumbest of the dumbest of tourists learn something about the other.
    So do we need to adjust a number of things? Yes. Adjust. Not get rid of… 😉
    Stay safe. 🙏🏻😷

    • I follow you. But I still believe in some kind of management. Perhaps, only one tourist trip a year? My blog is about being mindful and not greedy. I do agree that travel is good for everybody and we come back changed in some way.
      Thanks for your comments. Always welcome.

      • Mindful is good. But I wouldn’t like a limit to my travel. I generally travel 2 or 3 times a year. I’m sure there’s a “constitutional right” somewhere… 🤣

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