Illustrations for a Children’s book

I am illustrating a book that a friend has written. She has translated the story The Velveteen Rabbit into Danish. The story was written one hundred years ago by Margery Williams, and my friend has updated the story to our time. The story, relevant and meaningful, shows us what it means to be real.

In our version we call the rabbit Elmer and the title is Tøjkaninen which literally means The Plush Rabbit. Our goal is to publish the book later this year to also recognize the one hundred year anniversary. I am honored to create illustrations for the book and have decided to keep my images simple and colorful. My media are graphite, pastels, and collage.

Here are some illustrations:

The Nursery
The old Toy Horse and Elmer
The Flower Fairy

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  1. Looks promising. Sometimes I think of my grandchildren and wish I could write stories (and draw) for them. But i’m not sure I can do it. Maybe it’s a matter of mindset?
    At any rate, compliments on your work. The book will be very nice I’m sure.

  2. Congratulations, Elizabeth, on another wonderful undertaking. Your early Rabbit illustrations look just like you! I’m sure your creative juices are flowing and you will have a real adventure with your friend’s book. She is lucky to have you collaborating!

    Sending best wishes and hugs, Karin


    • Thank you Karin.
      Yes, I’m having a very good time doing this project! And I work well with my collaborator. Hopefully, we’ll have the book out for the Christmas sale.
      That’s our aim 😁
      Warm wishes and hugs to you

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