New Work

Girl on a Couch (reflecting)

This large painting is called Girl on a Couch

I have used wallpaper to create the patterns. Otherwise I have used oil paints and oil pastel. The painting is on wood panel. The size is 40cm x 100cm.

The girl is reflecting on a couch, and my granddaughter who is thirteen years old inspired me. I remember when I was thirteen. It’s a powerful time. From feeling absolutely equal to boys, girls, everyone – basically not registering any differences – to all of a sudden realize differences abound. Therefore, I have used patterns to illustrate how the young mind starts to categorize everything around it.

To be a child is to be fluid. To be open and curious without judgment. However, venturing into the teens is like stepping into another world. Now, it matters who’s who and who likes me and whom I like. Body and emotion become the new masters; the hallowed grounds of existence. It is natural and it is difficult.