New Work

Triptych based on the fairytale The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen

Each wood panel is 30x12cm – ultramarine blue oil with cut or torn wallpaper collaged on

The middle panel is the little mermaid with both tail and legs, on her way to the prince and his castle (the first panel), away from her underworld family (the third panel)

TITLE: The Pattern Breaker

She breaks the pattern she was born into (the sea world) and pursues another pattern (the human world) and ends up in a third world (the daughters of the air). This happens in the real story as opposed to the Disney version.

My take on fate and choice. How far can she go? That is, can she break away from her natural fate by choosing another? She must pay a price by losing her tail and instead walk on human legs that send pain through her for each step she takes.

PRICE: 2500 Danish Kroner or 340 Euro